Mighty Lucky Quilting Club Kick Off


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Now that things have settled down a bit with QuiltCon, and we’re all started on The Splendid Sampler quilt along, who’s started on the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club?

This is a paid quilt along ($5/month or $50/year) hosted by Lucky Spool Media and will feature lessons/challenges by well known quilt artists.  Krista Fleckenstein kicked off January with a bias challenge, followed up by Season Evans in February with a minimalism challenge.

These lessons can be made into full size quilts, but are more focused on challenging a quilter to try a new skill and play with fabrics. Below are just a few of the blocks/quilts that folks are making from January and February.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 3.34.14 PM.png
#mightylucky Instagram Feed


Mighty Lucky Quilter’s Club February Challenge by Bunnie

Here’s an example of Bunnie’s February Challenge – Minimalism. Bunnie is an experienced modern quilter and enjoys minimalist design elements.

She said that the hardest part was choosing the fabrics, but she’s really enjoying the process of making this piece. The photo is the challenge in mid-process.

If you’re a member and you’ve not signed up yet, but are ready to try some new skills, please contact us via email (ocmodernquiltguild@gmail.com). If you sign up through the guild, you’ll get a small discount on the quilt along.


Please share your process with us! If you’re a guild member, please use #ocmqgml on Facebook and Instagram so we can see your interpretations and bring your creations to our next guild meeting. Or join the OCMQG Quilters FB Group and start a conversation.

We’re looking forward to what everyone creates!



February Monthly Meeting

What a great meeting! We had about 25-30 people and a few new members have signed up! Welcome, ladies. We also had a wonderful new meeting space at Charrisse Consign Design in Laguna Niguel – thank you, Charrisse!
Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.14.38 AM.pngHens and Chickens, an auxiliary of the Golden State College Foundation, came by to show us their opportunity quilt. They are raising funds for the college – past giving has gone to scholarships and campus improvements.

This is the opportunity quilt – It’s 88″ x 103″ and was designed, constructed, and quilted by the members of Hens and Chickens. Tickets on the drawing of this quilt are available through any Hens & Chickens member or can be purchased through the Golden West College Foundation (714) 895 8316 ($1 for 1, $5 for 6)


Helen did a great demo showing us her One Block Wonder (stack and whack) quilts and how she created them. She really enjoys how you don’t really know what the blocks/rows will look like until after you’ve pieced them together. She is sometimes surprised out certain colors in the fabric will “pop” in the quilt when this method of cutting and piecing is used. Thank you, Helen!

We then moved onto SHOW AND TELL, which lasted the entire night. Pictures are up on our Instagram and Facebook; details will be coming out shortly on each of the photos. Get ready for an overshare on the feeds. Here are a few of the lovelies!

Other Announcements:

We now have a Facebook group called OCMQG Quilters. This is a closed group for our members only, so please keep what’s in the group in the group. Click on “Join” and you should be accepted within 24 hours.

March 13th: Weekend Sew at Cosmic Quilting. Bring whatever project you’re working on.

March 22nd: The MQG is having a free webinar: Freedom from Perfection & Procrastination. This is FREE if you are an OCMQG member; log into the MQG site and sign up!

June 16th-19th / June 23rd-26th: Southern California Quilter’s Run

QuiltCon 2017: If you’re thinking about going, now is the time to get hotel reservations if you want to be close to the convention center. Please check the website for hotel blocks and room rates. Also note that Savannah is pedestrian friendly, so if you’d like to walk or bike to the convention center, you can do that!

June 1: QuiltCon 2017 Catalog is published. Figure out what classes you want to take and make a list of backup options.

June 15: Deadline for quilt entries. Ontario Museum of Art and History is accepting entries for their “Modern Quilts: Redesigning Traditions” show, which starts on December 1, 2016.  Please contact Georganna Hawley for applications and addition information (ghawley@ontairo.ca.gov)

June 25: QuiltCon 2017 Member Registration opens. KNOW WHAT CLASSES YOU WANT TO TAKE.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR. SET AN ALARM. Popular classes fill up fast.





QuiltCon East – Feb 2017

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.29.40 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.11.29 PM.png

Hi, All – If you’re interested in attending QuiltCon in Savannah, CA next year, it’s time to start planning. As the event gets closer, there may folks who are willing to share a room/need a room, which can cut down on hotel costs (quilting AND adult slumber party anyone?).

The convention center is near Historic Savannah, so if you stay in the historic district, pedestrian and public transportation is available to the convention center.

Important Dates:

NOW: Hotel reservations. Hotels are already sold out near the convention center. If you reserve now, double check change/cancellation fees, in case life happens and you cannot attend (boooo).

Information as of 2/25/2016; see QuiltCon East’s website for up-to-date information.

Course Catalog released by June 1, 2016.
Member registration opens June 25, 2016. (if you’re a member of OCMQG, you’re a MQG member!)
General public registration opens on July 1, 2016.
Full refunds for cancelled registrations end July 30, 2016.

Quilt Entry: You have almost 9 months to design and make a quilt for entry! 

Quilt show entry open July 1 to November 30, 2016.
Notifications of acceptance by December 30, 2016.

Volunteers: This is a great way to meet new people and there may be perks 

Super Volunteer application released by May 15, 2016.
Super Volunteer applications accepted May 15 to May 30, 2016
Super Volunteer notifications go out by June 23, 2016.
General Volunteer sign-ups begin December 1, 2016


QuiltCon – What’s Your Modern Style?

Contribution by Karen Aalders

There are many spectrums in modern quilting – the construction of the quilt top, the style of the quilting (stitch in the ditch, straight line, free motion), or on the artistic spectrum of eclectic (bold and scrappy) to minimalism. QuiltCon had quilts that represented all of these areas and were inspiring to people who are just starting out to folks who are diving into more advanced quilting techniques.

Many people come into modern quilting asking, “What is modern quilting?” and they get the gamut of answers – modern fabrics, lots of negative space, alternate grid work, improv, straight line quilting, free motion quilting that creates a picture in the negative space….

In my personal quilting journey, I started off as a traditional quilter (yes, there was Civil War reprint fabric in my stash), learning the traditional blocks and ways to finish a quilt. I did that for a while, until life happened and I took a break from quilting for about 10 years. When I was ready to get back into quilting, I found a quilt-a-long with Pile O’ Fabric and Carolina Patchworks, where the challenge was using solids and the pattern was made of bold, graphic lines. That’s when I fell in love with modern quilting.

Groovy Movie Quilt pieced and quilted by Karen Aalders (pattern by Carolina Patchworks)

My journey moved on to trying wonky log cabins, using fabrics with more modern designs/colors, and experimenting with straight line and free motion quilting (can you say paisleys?).

By the time QuiltCon 2015 rolled around, I was ready to take the plunge into improv piecing, where you loose the rotary cutter and ruler. Now, that was scary. Then liberating and FUN.

This year, I’m dipping my toes even further – the Might Lucky Quilters Club is already stretching my comfort zone with using bias tape and creating a piece using minimalist methods.

Where are you in your modern quilting journey? How are you going to incorporate the sights from QuiltCon 2016 into your quilting journey?

Where ever you are in your journey, remember – there are no quilt police in Modern Quilting. Create and move along the modern quilting spectrums at your own pace.

Share your journey! We’d love to see your work – post your work with #quiltsofocmqg to share your experience with us.


Reminder! February Monthly Meeting

February seems to be packed with events this year – Quilt Along start ups, Q1 Guild Challenge, and QuiltCon.

We will be meeting on Thursday, February 25, between 6:30 and 8:30 PM in a new place this month: Charrisse Consign Design, 23461 Ridge Route Drive, Laguna Hills CA 92653. Please bring only water to drink.


  1. QuiltCon: We want to hear everything! What did you make? What surprised you? What did you enjoy most? What would you do differently? Bring anything you wish to show and share with the group!
  2. Social Media Plan: You may have noticed more activity on the guild’s blog, FaceBook, and Twitter, plus the addition of an Instagram account. Karen will give an overview of our vision on how we’d like to use these tools.
  3. March Challenge: Modern Star (#ocmodernstar) and Modern Log Cabin (#ocmodernlc) are due in March. Bring along a teaser block or just let us know how you’re progressing.
  4. Quilt Alongs! Both the Mighty Lucky Quilters Club (#ocmqgml) and the Splendid Sampler (#ocmqgss) have started. Bring your finished blocks to show.
  5. Demo! Helene will be demonstrating the One Cut Wonder technique
  6. Show and Tell: Let us Oooohhh! and Aaaahhhh! over your latest work
  7. Quilter’s Block: Stuck on a project and need some help moving forward?


The Splendid Sampler Kick Off

It’s the beginning of a new year and the start of many quilt alongs with bloggers, publisher, thread makers, and fabric companies. One that caught our member’s eyes is The Splendid Sampler, hosted by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.

The Splendid Sampler quilt along is starting in just a few days – Valentine’s Day – and already there is much buzz on the interwebs about this project. Over 2,000 people worldwide have signed up for their community FaceBook group and have started to share their bonus projects and fabric selections.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 9.02.46 AM.png
Photos from The Splendid Samplers FaceBook Page

The sampler will be 100 scrappy 6″ blocks, each with a different designer that will focus on different sewing and quilting techniques. Can you say, “Stash Buster?” (List of designers here) There is also guidance on fabric selection and tools needed – it will be fun to see how different these blocks will look with traditional versus modern aesthetics and how different cultures will affect fabric choices!

In addition to the sampler block patterns, there are also bonus pattern/mini projects! You’ll need to read the articles on The Splendid Sampler’s webpage to find them all, but here’s what is available so far: Block Station Project, French Knot Heart Pin Cushion, Walk in the Woods Mini Tote, and Fabric Bucket, and Cathedral Pin Cushion.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 9.57.24 AM.png

Our members are welcome to join in the fun and we’d love to see our member’s progress, fabric choices, and block outcomes. Bring your pieces to Show & Tell at our guild meetings (last Thursday of the month) and/or take a photo and post to FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram with #ocmqgss so we can see and cheer on your progress in between meetings!




QuiltCon 2016: How are you getting there?

There’s just a week to go until modern quilters from all over the world gather to go crazy over Modern Quilts and workshops with their favorite modern quilters.

If you are local to Southern Orange County or Southern California, you know how bad the freeways can be, especially getting into and around the Los Angeles area.

For extra special commuting fun, the 91, which connects Riverside and LA, will be CLOSED in Corona on February 20th and 21st. MetroLink has special offers for those who are willing to take the train.

Here are a few suggestions on making the commute a little nicer, if you are looking for an alternative to driving:

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 12.44.03 PMWalk or Bicycle:

If you’re close enough, why not get some exercise in and walk/bike to the Convention Center? This will avoid traffic and parking hassles. This can also help you keep to a spending budget – you can only buy what you can carry home! (We are checking with the Convention Center on where a person can lock up a bicycle)

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 12.48.41 PMCarpool!

Find some other people who are interested in going and pile in one car. That way, IF you get stuck in traffic, you have someone to talk to besides yourself. You can also share the cost of parking, which will be $12 at the convention center. Also note that on Feb 20 and 21st, the 91 will be CLOSED in Corona, so alternate routes are going to packed.


Public Transportation (Bus/Subway, Local Train, Amtrak)

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.03.23 PM

Yes, Virginia, there is public transportation that can get you to Pasadena. It is safe and clean. Plus, you can get some handwork done on your way there! Then drool over all the goodies you got at the show on your way home….

Below are some of the options, HOWEVER – Please check Metro Bus/Metro Rail/MetroLink/Amtrak sites for the latest information on Schedules/Fares. Fares may be different, based on your age, military status, or student status.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.25.49 PM.png

When checking the schedules, be sure you’re using the Weekday (M-F) schedule for Feb 18 and Feb 19 and the Weekend Schedule for Feb 20 and Feb 21. Fares and service are generally different for weekdays versus weekends.

There’s an app for that – Finally! Metro has a mobile resource page and has a mobile app for iOS or Android to help navigate the Metro Bus, Metro Rail, MetroLink, and Amtrak schedules. Google Maps can also help with this, but may not give you all the options available. Note that using an app may use your data plan and drain your device’s battery faster when in use.

It’s also strongly recommended to have a printed schedule on you so you know your options (because smartphones do have a battery life and they die when it’s the LEAST convenient).


Buses and the Light Rail:

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.06.47 PM.pngMetro Bus / Metro Rail: These are LA’s bus and light rail systems. System Maps can be found on their site and can be downloaded/printed.

The Metro Rail’s Gold Line connects Union Station to Pasadena Del Mar Station, which is a 10 minute walk to the Convention Center. The buses will take cash or Tap cards. The Subway takes Tap cards or tickets. Subway tickets or Tap cards can be purchased and loaded at subway stations.

Please do the math before purchasing a day pass or a 7 day pass; it may be cheaper to pay per ride. Check the fares at LA Metro.


Get to the train station at least 20 minutes in advance to allow time to park, get your ticket, and find the track/platform your train is on. Stations are generally clean and have seating/waiting areas while you wait. Larger stations may have vending and restrooms available. Trains stops are very quick – 5 minutes – so it’s important to be there on time.

Amtrak and MetroLink are both heavy rail train systems and terminate at LA Union Station, where you can grab the Metro Gold Line to Pasadena’s Del Mar Station. If you’re transferring in Union Station, it will take 5-10 minutes to get from the train platforms to the Metro Rail stations, depending on how fast you walk. There are train station employees on the platforms, so do ask them if you need help.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.07.37 PM.pngAmtrak: Use Amtrak’s Trip finder to purchase tickets from your local station to LA Union Station (LAX). Amtrak does have a snack car on board, as well as rest rooms, really nice, cushy seats, and power outlets in every row.

Fares are dependent on how far you travel, but are $36 round trip from Irvine and $24 round trip from Riverside. Tickets can be bought online, through their app, or at the Amtrak station. Tickets must be purchased prior to boarding the train.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.08.30 PMMetroLink: Use MetroLink’s Plan a Trip function to find which train to catch to get you to Pasadena. While MetroLink does not have a snack car on board, some cars do have rest rooms, comfortable seats, and sometimes the cars have power outlets. Tickets MUST be purchased at the train station. If you are taking the MetroLink to Union Station, you should be able to use your ticket to transfer to the Metro system at no extra cost.

Fares are dependent on how far you travel, but are $21.50 round trip from Irvine and $26 round trip from Riverside. There’s also a weekend pass available for $10, regardless of where you get on the train. PLUS, if you’re coming in from Riverside, they are offering a 2 for 1 promotion on Feb 20 and 21st, due to the 91 CLOSURE IN CORONA. Tickets must be purchased at the MetroLink station and must be bought prior to boarding the train.

What ever way you decide to get to QuiltCon, be safe and enjoy yourself!

Modern Star and Modern Log Cabin Challenge

The OCMQG holds a challenge once a quarter for its members to show off their creativity and have some fun. See the Challenges Page for our current challenge and challenge details.

This quarter’s challenge is about taking a traditional state star block or log cabin block and making it modern.

Take 3o seconds and think about / write down what “making it modern” means to you.

Below are images from Google Image searches on “California Star Quilt Blocks” and “Log Cabin Quilt Blocks” – which are showing mostly traditional ways of creating the blocks.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.46.24 AMScreen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.47.27 AM


How can the modern aesthetic be brought to these blocks to create a modern quilt? Well, first – what the heck defines a quilt as “modern?” This question is hotly debated and is as controversial as “should you prewash your fabrics?”

Basically, modern quilting has no rules. The individual quilter decides what rules to follow or not follow. For example, in traditional quilting, there’s usually a standard sized block that is repeated in rows and columns, has one or more borders, and uses traditional fabrics.

What rules do you “break” or “bend” when translating traditional into modern?

One way to make the block modern is to use a solid “background” fabric to create negative space and to use modern patterned fabrics (right) or to use only solid fabrics (left).

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 10.11.39 AM
Made in 2013 by an OCMQG member

Another way is to super size the block and show off one block or a part of the block. The quilt to the right is a traditional block called Ohio Star. The OCMQG member who made this blew up the block to the size of the quilt and used saturated solid fabrics.

These three example all use precise measuring and piecing, but move away from the traditional in the fabric choice and block size.

Other ways to make it modern:

  1. Use only scissors to cut the block pieces (no rotary cutters or rulers)
  2. Make the pattern “wonky.” In a log cabin, the sides of each strip are usually parallel to each other – What would it look like if they weren’t? What happens when a star block made with 60 degree triangles now has triangles that vary between 45 degrees and 90 degrees?
  3. Use “found” fabric. Old jeans, ties, button down shirts, slacks, bedsheets, towels, curtains can all be used to make a quilt. How do different fabric types affect the look and feel of the quilt?
  4. Create blocks and align them so a large amount of negative space is created

Join the conversation – Tell us your favorite ways of making traditional patterns into your version of “modern.”

Follow our hash tags for this challenge on Instagram #ocmodernstar and #ocmodernlc


Call for Volunteers!


QuiltConWest is almost here – just two short weeks before creative people from all over the world come together to celebrate modern quilting.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.43.31 PM

If you are a member of a California MQG and are planning to attend the show, how about volunteering for a few hours at the California MQG Booth? For a few hours of your time, you will receive a one day show pass and the opportunity to share your love of modern quilting and your guild.

Click here for the link to volunteer: QuiltConWest Volunteer

Hope to see you at the show!

Under Construction


Quilt Under Construction – Pattern by Carolina Patchworks. Constructing by Karen Aalders

Please be patient as we build our quilts new blog site. We’re really excited to re-start our blog and social media content. The side bar with upcoming events and our social media are up to date and linked correctly (I hope – Leave a comment if you have trouble 🙂 )


If you’d like to view our current blog and past posts, please visit OC Modern Quilt Guild.

Happy Quilting!