QuiltCon Charity Quilt-In

Saturday and Sunday we met at the Batty Lady in Orange to work on this year’s QuiltCon Charity Quilt.

Once again, OC Modern Guild Guild is participating in the Modern Quilt Guild’s charity quilt challenge to be showcased at QuiltCon 2019 in Nashville, TN.  Color palette and small piecing theme of the challenge are described in more detail at quiltcon.com/charity-quilt-challenge-2019/.

PHASE 1.  Once we had our design concept of trees, our members got kits to sew and turn in.  Each kit made into a somewhat wonky block of small piecing in all the challenge fabric colors except blue.  Now the magic begins.  DSC_0827_2169floodDSC_0827PHASE 2.  We originally envisioned drawing an outline of the trees and fitting the blocks into the composition.  But wait, how do we fit in all the different sizes, shapes, and colors of blocks into cohesive trees?  After much discussion we quickly adapted our design approach to ‘build trees’ from the blocks first, then create the composition.  It continued to evolve through many, many changes as you can see from the progression of photos below.


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The quilt began to take shape:

Plans went from straight trees to curved-pieced trees, from 3 trees, to an addition of a stubby tree with a broken branch, the next day the plan changed again! Now five trees, do we have one going off the left side? Or not? How many branches should we have? Could some go down rather than all going up?  Everyone had their input and it was a site to see this beautiful quilt take shape.

Thanks to our great volunteers who put the quilt top together: Trudy, Helene, Julie and Mary Anne both days and Susie and Gail on Sunday.

See you all at the October Guild meeting where you’ll see our progress!

A huge thank you to Alicia Campbell of Batty Lady who generously allowed us use of her studio space for several days.  Kudos to all the Guild members who contributed to this project!

PHASE 3: Great brainstorming session at the last Guild meeting.  We generated lots of creative ideas on quilting design and use of embellishments.


Magical May Meeting


Big Bear Lake by Lisha

DSC_0519_2001floodDSC_0519DSC_0520_2002floodDSC_0520DSC_0521_1998floodDSC_0521DSC_0522_1997floodDSC_0522Kite Block Mini by Julie Mc.


San Francisco Bridge


Sashiko Stitching by Anne

DSC_0532_1989floodDSC_0532DSC_0533_1990floodDSC_0533 copyDSC_0535_1991floodDSC_0535DSC_0536_1985floodDSC_0536DSC_0537_1986floodDSC_0537

Mexico trip – literally where Karen broke her ankle.


Block Lotto display
Cute ribbons by Julie
Block Lotto purchases
3rd Place


2nd Place
Bunny – 1st Place
Our three winners
Madrone Bark by Kathy
Gravity by Shellie pattern by JayBird Quilts
Cecile – 9 Tissues de Tahiti
Finished Peace Symbol Block Lotto
Aloha to Royal Gardens by Ruth B. Gift to brother living in Hawaii at the time of the volcano.
Trip to Hawaii by Bunny

Unique blocks in remembrance of a trips to San Francisco and Hawaii with her grandson. San Francisco Bridge,  Alcatraz, The USS Arizona and “Surfing Lesson”.

Chuckles an Elizabeth Hartman pattern
by Shannon S.
Susie J.presented Uban Sunsets
Urban Sunsets
Julie Mc. presented “Knitters Gifts”
Paper pieced blocks – “In The Garden” by Julie Mc
New member Sherry made her fabric with water salvable stableizer
Sherry the “Scrap Buster”
Majesty Pillow \ Entered into the Orange County Fair
Trudy’s Succulent Garden


Helene’s Old Blue pattern by Lori Heine
Pat G. showed off her grand-children’s talent
The back of the quilt has the original drawing attached… see photo right below.


Martin Luther King an award winning quilt.
Rosa Parks


Michael Jackson
Pat attached a white glove on the back of Michael Jackson


Door prize winner – Gail
Door prize winner – Pat

April 2017 Meeting Minutes

Little bit of Show and Tell to kick things off….

Batty Lady Presentation

Alicia showing off her wares – Wonderfil Thread and Batting

Thank you Alicia for the informative presentation on batting and thread! Thank you also for the gifts that our attendees received, and for the awesome door prizes as well! Alicia gave us a lot of great info on the differences between and advantages of various types of batting and the various weights of thread. The Threaducation Centre is located in Orange at 910 North Batavia Street (on FB: CA Threaducation Centre). You can purchase batting and WonderFil thread there. Once a month (usually the third Friday of the month) there is a “Thread Tasting” and there are also weekly “Thread Play Days.” You can bring your machine to the Threaducation Centre and they will help you figure out which WonderFil Threads will work best with your particular machine and for your sewing needs. Be on the lookout for some upcoming classes as well! Regular hours are Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM and by appointment. Alicia’s phone # is 900-816-2545.

Upcoming Workshops

Indigo – Shibori Workshop & Lunch with Sandra Johnson

Sandra’s workshop will be held on June 3 from 10-3. The location is in a private home in South Orange County, and will be sent to those who register. It is $75 for OCMQG members, and $100 for non-members. To register, email Sandra at sandrajohnsondesigns@gmail.com

This workshop covers:

  • learn to fold, tie and clamp resist using historic patterns
  • indigo dye is a natural fiber which is what we will be using
  • dye natural fiber goods in an indigo dye vat
  • learn a method for creating an acvite dye vat
  • all fabric for dying provided by instructor
  • in class you will learn to create a variety of paper patterns which you can use on fabrics
  • Materials included: fabric for dying ½ yard white cotton, dye, lunch, and fun!

Scrap Swap

Elise brought four bags stuffed with fabric swaps and four lucky people were chosen via random number generator to take the scrap bags home! If you received a bag, take out the scraps that you want and then add scraps from your stash back to the bag and bring it back next month. Thank you Elise for coordinating the scrap swap!

Handmade Items Raffle

Susan made a cute sewing kit for this month’s raffle

Susan M. donated two gorgeous handmade items for the raffle: an adorable (and useful!) pincushion and a super awesome sewing kit. Thank you, Susan! We also had a donation of a framed embroidery sampler. The raffle items raised $30 for the guild.

Make It Modern Segment

We are trying something new, different, and educational at our monthly meetings! We will be exploring the tenets of modern quilting in-depth. We handed out a list with the tenets of modern quilting. Bunnie, Susie, and Karen A. brought in some samples of quilts to show their quilting journeys from their early, more traditional quilts to their modern examples. Then we discussed if/how their quilts meet the tenets of modern quilting.

At upcoming meetings, people will bring in quilts that they have made and based on the tenets, we’ll discuss what makes each example modern. It’ll be educational and interesting to see other people’s work in the light of the modern aesthetic! As quilters, we all like to try out something new and diffferent, and we hope that this new segment will help you evaluate your own work, and the work of other guild members, as we discuss what makes our quilts modern. For next month, bring a quilt that shows off your journey from traditional to modern to share with the guild.

Susie brought delicious cookies to the meeting, here is the recipe.

Block Lotto

As a compliment to last month’s “Blue Moon” block, this month’s “Comet” block is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Last month’s solid was white, and it used a pattern, and curves. with an online tutorial. This block uses black, no pattern, and only straight lines, with no tutorial. These instructions are a guide, but there will be some improvisational decisions to make, and some monkeying around to fit the block together. Some may find this bit of freedom fun and easy, while some may find it more challenging.

The Guild provided one 11.5″ square of Kona Black. Participants provide scraps from their stash in three or more shades of a single color. It’s okay to use prints that read as solid. Please see the instructions under April Block lotto for how-to’s and tips for this block.

March 2017 Meeting Minutes

OCMQG March Meeting Recap

We had a full house at Cosmic Quilting for our March meeting! It is always wonderful to see so many people at the meetings!

Upcoming Workshops

Playing with Color & Fabric: Making Your Stash Work For You with Cecile Choi

We have two exciting workshop opportunities for our members. Cecile’s workshop will be held on Sunday, April 30, from 10-4 at Cosmic Quilting. This is not a sewing workshop; it’s about how to put fabrics together. You will bring fabrics from your stash. Cecile will use someone’s stash as an example and pull from other people’s stashes to create intriguing color palettes and combinations. Bring approximately 60 pieces of fabric from your stash. Using a pattern that Cecile chooses as an example, she’ll show you how she’d put the pattern together using fabrics from your stash. The cost is $60 for members, $70 for non-members, limited to 12 participants. The workshop will be open to friends if it does not fill up with members.

Indigo – Shibori Workshop & Lunch with Sandra Johnson

Sandra’s workshop will be held on June 3 from 10-3. The location is in a private home in South Orange County, and will be sent to those who register. It is $75 for OCMQG members, and $100 for non-members. To register, email Sandra at sandrajohnsondesigns@gmail.com This workshop covers:

  • learn to fold, tie and clamp resist using historic patterns
  • indigo dye is a natural fiber which is what we will be using
  • dye natural fiber goods in an indigo dye vat
  • learn a method for creating an acvite dye vat
  • all fabric for dying provided by instructor
  • in class you will learn to create a variety of paper patterns which you can use on fabrics
  • includes: fabric for dying ½ yard white cotton, dye, lunch, and fun!

Scrap Swap

Bring your scraps to the April meeting to participate in the Scrap Swap with the Long Beach Modern Quilt Guild!

Quiltcon Charity Quilt

We are seeking a female veteran that we can give our Quiltcon Charity Quilt to. If you know someone, please send an email to ocmodernquiltguild@gmail.com.

Raffle Items

Sandra donated three beautiful handmade items to this month’s raffle: A gorgeous fat quarter basket, a nifty zipper bag for holding sewing supplies, and a beautiful notepad/journal cover. Thank you Sandra! We raised $78 for the guild with this month’s raffle!

March Challenge – UFO

Thanks to everyone who participated in the March Quilt Challenge! There were so many beautiful quilts presented, and it was great to see so many UFOs completed. Congratulations to our winners!

July Challenge – Library

July’s challenge is to make a quilt from a pattern in your pattern library that you have bought and never made before. It could be from a magazine or a book. There is no minimum size; it can be a table runner or a king size quilt! You do not have to post a picture of the pattern you will be using on social media, but we’d love to see what you’ve got planned – use #ocmqglibrary or #ocmqg.

Quilt Show

The Orange County Quilter’s Guild show will be held on April 21-22, Friday and Saturday, from 10-4. Location is 222 N. East St., Anaheim. There is a special preview evening with a Wine & Cheese Reception on Thursday, 4/20 from 6-8:30 PM, cost is $25 for the preview evening. Tickets to the show are $10 at the door, or $8 presale. To purchase tickets, visit their website.

Quilt Show in San Diego

Jean Wells, a quilt artist and author, is having an exhibit entitled “Anatomy of Nature.” It will be at Visions Gallery in San Diego. Jean has been quilting for 39 years and owns and operates The Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, OR. She has experimented with many different quilting techniques. She designs with line, pattern, color and texture, and recurring themes are inspired by nature—rocks, trees, grasses, flowers and landscapes. Bunnie and Kathy have taken 2 workshops from Jean and can tell you firsthand that she is a fantastic teacher and person.

Her exhibit opens on Saturday, April 22nd with a special opening reception from 5-7 PM. The exhibit runs until July 2nd. Bunnie will be going to the opening and can take 3-4 people in her car. Send Bunnie an email at bunnie@dbmsoft.com if you are interested in carpooling. For more info on the exhibit, visit here.

Speaker for the April Meeting

The Batty Lady will be giving a presentation on batting and thread at our April meeting, thank you Alicia! You will learn everything you need to know about different types of batting and thread at this presentation, so be sure to attend the April meeting!

2017 Budget

One item was incorrect on the budget presentation at last meeting, the amount for our Cosmic Quilting space was listed as $300/year and the actual amount should be $600/year. Bunnie proposed a motion to approve the space rental and this was approved by the guild.

Block Lotto for April

Thank you Lucinda for organizing this month’s block lotto! Here are detailed instructions on how to make the block.

Traditional Meets Modern – “Blue Moon”

This is a block made up of four Drunkard’s Path units, joined to make a circle.

We are using the free tutorial from Stitched by Crystal

Traditional Drunkard's Path Patter
Pieced by Lucinda Walker

STITCHED by Crystal: Tutorial: Quilting curves – The Drunkard’s Path

The tutorial instructions are thorough, with clear pictures of each step, and the measurements are generous to allow for trimming down and squaring up.

For each block, the guild will provide two 5” squares of WHITE, and participants will use two BLUE (prints or solids) 5” squares from their stash (a total of four 5” squares are needed to complete the block.). Prints with outer space or sky motifs are especially cute and reinforce the Moon theme, but there is no need to purchase new fabric. Any solid shade of blue will also work. Your two blue squares do not have to match. Mix it up!

You will need an 8″ circle to use as a template. Paper templates were distributed at the meeting, but if you did not get one, you can use any means to create a circle with an 8” diameter.

When making my samples, I encountered two points that were not discussed in the tutorial, which might be helpful for first-time curve piecers.

1. One of the steps is to “find the center of each piece and pin them together.” The easiest way to find the center of a curve is to simply fold it in half and make a little finger-pressed crease. Match up the center creases of the convex and concave pieces, keeping right sides of the fabric together. Pin the center first, then pin the corners, and then fill in with as many pins as you find helpful.

2. I found that I was able to get the bias of the curve to stretch more easily when I fed the fabric through my machine with the convex piece on top. The tutorial pictures show the concave piece on top. Try one each way to see which works best for you.

Individual Drunkard’s Path units will be squared up to measure 4.25” each.

Four units will piece together to make a moon block measuring 8” square.

In order to create the Half Moon look, join the units so that they form a white semi-circle.

No one expects perfection! This is a way to build our skills with curves and try something new. Let’s make it fun!

See you at the April Sew-In on 4/9 from 12-4!

February 2017 Meeting Minutes

OCMQG February Meeting Recap

Thanks for attending our February meeting and thank you Lisa for leading the February meeting! At the beginning of the meeting, Karen A. and Lucinda checked in from QuiltCon via Skype and shared their initial impressions of the conference, thank you both for taking the time to share your experience at the conference!

Block Lotto

Thank you Sandy for organizing this month’s Block Lotto and doing a demo of the pattern—it’s a paper-pieced coffee mug! Those who signed up received a piece of fabric in Kona Silver and RightPatterns (R)’s Coffee Cup pattern (available on Craftsy.com). Pull any fabrics from your stash to complete the coffee mug. Paper piecing the “steam” is optional, you can top the mug with a solid block if you wish. Sandy enlarged the block to a 10” block. The pattern when enlarged doesn’t include the 1/4” seam around the outside so be sure to include the 1/4” seam around the block.


If you would like to volunteer to demo a sewing or quilting technique at an upcoming meeting, let us know!


The 2017 budget was unanimously approved at the meetinng

Volunteer Positions Update

Sandra has volunteered to coordinate field trips and workshops for OCMQG, thank you Sandra! Lisa has also volunteered to help co-coordinate field trips, thank you Lisa!

Mary has volunteered to coordinate the handmade item raffle, thank you Mary! We also had many people sign-up to make a handmade item to donate to the guild for raffles, thank you to our amazing members for signing up! We have enough sign-ups to be able to have a raffle at every meeting through 2017! Raffle tickets will be $1 each or 6 tickets for $5, and proceeds will go to the guild. Each month, Mary will be touching base with the person who has volunteered to check-in on your progress. Bring some cash to the March meeting for raffle tickets.

Scrap Swap

At the meeting, some members brought scraps to donate to the “Scrap Swap.” Elise is coordinating this with the Long Beach MQG, thank you Elise! At the March meeting, Elise will bring back three “scrap bags” and three members will be chosen at random to take a bag home. Those people will select the scraps from the bag they would like to keep, add scraps back to the bag, and bring the bag back to the April meeting. If you donated scraps at the February meeting and are selected, you do not need to add additional scraps. There will be a separate bag of solid-color scraps. Elise will get a scrap bag from at the Long Beach MQG meeting on 3/7 to bring to our March meeting.

Social Break

Our mini Social Breaks are a big hit! Halfway through the meeting, we are taking a break so that members can socialize and get to know each other better.

March Challenge

Quilts for our first challenge of the year are due at the March meeting! Your quilt must be completed including binding. We’re so excited to see what our members have created and hope you are feeling a sense of completion as you tackle those UFO’s!

Staying with the theme of UFO’s, an idea for the next challenge (due in July) is to make a quilt from a pattern that you already own, so start going through all those patterns you’ve bought and never made!

Workspace Tours

Elise had a great suggestion to do a powerpoint presentation of people’s workspaces. If you would like to participate, send Elise some pictures of your workspace and a brief explanation of your setup, organization, or process. This presentation will give members some ideas and inspiration on how they might organize their workspaces better. Elise’s email is elise.a.beck@gmail.com.


The LA Modern Quilt Guild is having a workshop on smallscale piecing with Chawne Kimber on March 11th at Sew Modern in LA. For those of you who attended QuiltCon in Pasadena, you probably remember Chawne’s “I Can’t Breathe” quilt. For more info on the workshop, email Sandra at sandrajohnsondesigns@gmail.com. For more info on Chawne Kimber, go here: https://huntersdesignstudio.com/2016/02/25/important-quilts-meeting-chawne-kimber/

Show & Tell

During show and tell, Julie presented a quilt that had a QR code on the label. Using this technology, Julie recorded herself reciting the poem that is sewn on the quilt. When the code is scanned, it plays back Julie’s voice reciting the poem. What a great idea! For more info on how to add this to a quilt, check out Www.stkrit.com.

Finish up those UFO’s at our next Sew-In, it’s on Sunday March 12 at Cosmic Quilting from 12-4. Our next meeting is on March 30. Happy sewing!

January 2017 Meeting Minutes

<<Hello from the blogger…..! I’m playing a bit of catch-up; 2017 is racing along….>>

Here are the notes from our January 2017 Meeting (Thank you, Dawn H., for writing this up):

OCMQG January 2017 Meeting Recap

Thanks to everyone who came to our first meeting of 2017! It’s always nice to see so many faces—and quilts! We’d like to thank Elizabeth, who donated a gorgeous fat quarter bundle for a future prize. Also thanks to Lucinda for coordinating this month’s Block Lotto! Lucinda has also volunteered to be our new Block Lotto Chairperson, thank you Lucinda!

Speaking of Block Lotto, February’s Block is inspired by Linda Miller’s “Scrappy Lines.” We are changing Miller’s proportions, and using solids instead of prints. Each block is a different shade of off-white, with a single pieced stripe. We are supplying Kona Snow and Moda Eggshell, one piece is 5” x 8.5” and one piece is 2.5” x 8.5”. You will add your own solid-color pieced stripe to the middle of the pieces that were supplied. The strip you will add is 2.5” x 8.5” so the finished square is 8.5” x 8.5”. FYI the pieces we are giving are generously cut. Tip: the pieced strip is the width of a jelly roll strip. Feel free to use pre-cut solids if you have them. Use solids for your middle strip, you can use neutrals or do a pop of color, but adhere to the modern quilting aesthetic.

Inspired by Linda Miller's “Scrappy Lines.”
Pieced by Lucinda Walker

Sandy has volunteered to plan the March block of the month, thank you Sandy!

Dues Renewal for 2017

Those who renewed their dues at tonight’s meeting paid $45 instead of $50! The dues amount will be $50 if you did not renew at tonight’s meeting. The money from dues  goes to the MQG and to the OCMQG, and pays for our membership to the MQG, workshops, the holiday party, block lotto fabrics, Cosmic Quilting space for sew-ins and meetings, and so much more! Our budget was emailed to members, or you can see a hard copy at a meeting—just ask an officer. We currently have approximately $2300 surplus in our budget.

Officer Update

Susie has volunteered to be our new treasurer!! Thank you Susie!!

Sewing Party Block of the Month

Cecile is offering the Delilah Block of the Month from Jen Kingwell Designs! The registration fee is $20 per month including shipping. You will get a pattern and an acrylic template, block sizes are 6”, 9” or 12”. She is going to create fabric selections including three colorways, and she’ll be bringing in some samples. She will make up some kits as well. For more info, contact Cecile at info@sewingparty.com. You can sign up online as well at sewingparty.com.

Quiltcon Charity Quilt

Our quilt is finished and it looks amazing! Thank you Susan for heading up this project and those who helped create and design it. Karen used her longarm to quilt it at Cosmic Quilting, and members who attended the January sew-in had a chance to quilt a few rows. Thank you Karen for doing the quilting of our philanthropy quilt!

Quiltcon is in February, Lucinda has a quilt entered in the show, congratulations Lucinda!

Field Trips and Classes

Sandra Johnson is leading a field trip to Hoffman Fabrics on Thursday, February 9th from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM. The tour is FREE! Come and see how they make their fabrics. Bring money to possibly purchase fabric at the end of the tour. Every visitor will get a gift, feel free to bring a friend who would like to get inspired to start sewing! Hoffman Fabrics address: 25792 Obrero Drive, Mission Viejo. Sandra is also offering free sewing/quilting classes in Anaheim Hills on Thursdays from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM at the East Anaheim Community Center. The address is 8165 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim Hills 92808. For more info contact Sandra at sandrajohnsondesigns@gmail.com.

Holiday Philanthropy Quilt

Karen Miller / Cosmic Quilting will be doing the quilting for our holiday party philanthropy quilt and Susan has volunteered to do the binding, thank you Susan and Karen!

Scrap Swap

Elise is the liason between our guild and the Long Beach Modern Quilt Guild. The Long Beach Modern Quilt Guild would like to participate in a “Scrap Swap” with us. Each person donates some scraps, takes the bag home, and picks out some scraps. We will switch bags with the Long Beach guild. Donate “usable” sized scraps. Bring your scraps to the next meeting! More details to come. Elise has offered to teach how to make a skirt at our February sew-in, a supply list and more info will be included in the February sew-in reminder.  The LBMQG meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month at Sew Vac and their next meeting is 2/7. The address is 1762 Clark ave, Long Beach.

At this meting we switched things up a bit and had a 15 min. “social break” during the meeting. Members had a chance to mingle and chat during the meeting. At this meeting, we also gathered feedback from members on what you’d like to see from the guild this year, and things we can improve on. Thank you for supplying feedback, guild officers will take your comments into account when planning our events and meetings for 2017!

Our “icebreaker” at the meeting was: what are your quilting goals for 2017? We had so many great answers, here are some of them. If you didn’t make it to the meeting hopefully they will be an inspiration for the upcoming year of sewing and quilting.

Finish UFO’s — Learn How to Use a New Machine — Sew Your Stash — Make your Own Clothing — Sew More to Post More on Instagram — Downsize the Fabric Stash — Work Less and Sew More — Make Some of the Patterns You’ve Already Bought — Finish Pieced Tops — Take a Class — Quilt at Least a Little Bit Every Day — Watch All the Craftsy Classes You’ve Bought — Use FQ Bundles — Turn Quilting into a Career / Business

Lastly, check out these MQG Perks in January:

See you at the sew-in on Feb 12 or our next meeting on Feb 23. Happy sewing!

November Meeting Recap

Our November meeting was filled with sharing and our Storybook Challenge.

Sharing Finishes:

Sharon quilted “Old Blue,” a quilt she made in a workshop with Fiberworks. Bunnie drew inspiration from Cecile’s studio – Dresden Plates – and made “Grandma’s Garden.” The grouping represent her children’s family and her grandchildren. Gail finally used some stashed fabric from 1982 and made an adorable Bunny quilt. Karen A finished the top for her Aunt Louise, using suggestions regarding the background from the last meeting. She’s hoping to get it quilted in time for Christmas.  Karen M (@cosmicquilting) shared a quilt from her client, where the quilting shows off the lovely applique.


Storybook Challenge:

We had 13 people participate in our annual philanthropy challenge – with 14 quilts/books. Thank you to everyone who participated and donated their quilts. To see al the quilts, please go to the Philanthropy 2016.

Winners! Lisha and Susie tied for first and Karen A came in third.



Tuesday, November 22 10 AM – 3 PMish: Meet Sandra at Michael Levine in LA for a fun filled day of fabric and notion shopping.

Sunday, December 3, 10 AM to 4 PM: Bias Tape Workshop with Latifah Saafir. The workshop is full. If you are signed up for the class, you should have received an email with the supply list. If you have any questions, please email ocmodernquiltguild@gmail.com.

Sunday, December 11, Noon to 4: Holiday Party! It’s potluck, so please bring a dish to pass. Non-staining beverages are welcome (white wine, Champagne/sparkling wine). If you’d like to participate in the Yankee Swap, please wrap 5 coordinating fat quarters (modern, quilt weight fabric). We will also do our annual Holiday philanthropy quilt (thank you, Susie, for coordinating this challenge), so get ready to sew.


July Meeting Re-Cap

Welcome to our new members and big thank yous to Cecile for opening her studio for pre-meeting shopping (Sewing Party) and to Karen (Schoolhouse Sewing and Cosmic Quilting) for our new meeting home!

Challenge Winner

What a great turn out for our 18 x 18 mini quilt challenge!  We had 11 entries.

Congratulations to our first place winner – Irene, our second place winner – Karen, and our third place winner – Dawn.

Our November Thanksgiving Challenge

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.22.36 PM
2015’s Story Book Challenge Quilt Entries

This is our annual philanthropy challenge!  Create a quilt inspired by a children’s book or make a quilt and find a children’s book.  Due at our November meeting – November 17th (the third Thursday of the month due to the Thanksgiving Holiday).  All books and quilts will be donated to www.PCRF-Kids.org.  Please share with us as you work on it via social media with #storybookchallenge16. Post coming out soon with more details.

Block Lotto

Congratulations to Kathy Chevalier for winning the Block Lotto!!  Look for instruction to this month’s block lotto via our blog.

Blocks for Orlando

Thank you to our members who have donated blocks, tops, quilting, and binding: Gail, Morgan, Kathy S, Cathy M, Karen M, Karen A, and Susan M.

We are continuing to collect blocks and quilts for Orlando (see dates below for deadlines).  Karen Miller of Cosmic Quilting has agreed to quilt any quilt for Orlando (please bring batting and batting). Thanks for Susan M. for agreeing to bind the almost done quilts.

Important Dates:

8/14: Unfinished quilts are due at the August Sew (8/14). This includes blocks, binding, backing. Karen A. needs to ship these out on 8/15.

8/14: Tops to be quilted need to be given to Karen Miller no later than the August Sew (8/14)

8/25: Finished quilts are due at the August Meeting (8/25). This means you’ll need to coordinate with Karen Miller to get the top and bind the quilt. 

QuiltCon 2017 Charity Quilt

Look at the wonderful word blocks that have come back from our volunteers! We will be gathering at Schoolhouse Classroom & Meeting Space (23011 Moulton Parkway, A-15, Laguna Hills) on August 14th, Noon-4 PM to determine block placement and start on quilt assembly.

You are welcome to participate, even if you have not worked on a word.

Demo – Continuous Bias Binding (with a rotary cutter!)

Thank you Karen A. for your amazing demo of continuous bias binding!  We appreciate you passing on your knowledge to the group.  If there is something you would like to demo – please let us know.  We enjoy sharing knowledge. 

Instructions will be up on the resources page shortly.

Octagon Shimmer Make up Class


Shellie’s Shimmer Block from class


For anyone who has taken the Octagon Shimmer class with Cecile – here is an opportunity to get help finishing your project.  Cecile will be holding a makeup class on August 28th for free from 10 to 4 in Bunnie’s clubhouse in Newport Hills.  There is a 12 person limit so if you are interested, please contact Cecile directly to sign up at eunsoo50@gmail.com

Free Quilting and Sewing Classes

Thank you Sandra for joining us at our meeting to share with us the opportunity of free classes at the Orange campus of Santiago Community College.  If you are interested please contact Sandra at Sandrajohnsondesigns@gmail.com.  The quilting classes are on Tuesday and the Sewing Classes are on Wednesday from 4 pm to 9 pm.  It’s at no cost except for the $2.00 parking fee.

For more information, when it becomes available:  Older Adult Programs (“older” meaning older than 18 years)

Creative Webinar: Definition Modern Quilt with Mary Fons


Road to California

The Road is looking for volunteers for the 2017 event.  Check out their website for more information.

Show and Tell and Going Green

Thanks to everyone for the show and tell of all those amazing quilts.  Keep them coming. And big thanks to Molly for all the fabric she shared with the group.

Upcoming events

Next Sew:  Sunday, August 14th at Cosmic Quilting
Next Meeting:  Thursday August 25
th at 6:30 pm at Cosmic Quilting

Open Studio:  Cecile’s studio will be open prior to our meeting on Thursdays from 4 to 6.  Be sure to stop by while you are in the area to pick up some really good fabric.  Cecile’s Studio is located just around the corner from our meeting at 23181 Verdugo Dr. Suite 102 Laguna Hills, CA 92653

See you soon!

June Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone who came to our June meeting including our 9 guests!!  Welcome our new members Irene, Janet, Laura, and Lucinda!  We are excited to have you all. Looking forward to you sharing your quilts in the future.

We were so excited to have our first meeting at the new Cosmic Quilting!!!  Karen was so kind to let us meet there considering she had just moved in that day.  She shared with me her vision of the new studio.  AND we are excited to announce, after actively searching for a place to meet for months– Karen has agree to let us meet there permanently!!  We have a new home for the Orange County Modern Quilt Guild.  We are growing each month and the space will be invaluable.  THANK YOU – KAREN!

Please follow us on on Facebook (FB) at OrangeCounty Modern Quilt Guild and Instagram (IG) at @OCMQG for the most current information (plus sharing of pretties from around the MQG and the world).

Help us find your quilty photo shares on IG by using Hashtags – #. Karen monitors these # often to find pretty and interesting things to share. (She loves seeing what OCMQG peeps are making!)

  • #ocmqg #mqg #modernquilts
  • #quilts  #quilting #quiltguild

If you’d like to help with social media – writing an article or tutorial for our blog or finding events/photos/tutorials to share, taking pictures at our meetings – please contact Karen at aalders.karen@gmail.com.

Block Lotto!

Shellie with her blocks! (block design by mollie_sparkles)

Congratulations to Shellie for winning the May Block Lotto!!!  And we are looking forward to see the improvisational blocks for June at next month’s meeting. Here are the instructions for those who signed up on our blog or Crosscut Blocks by A Quilters Table for more tips on block construction. Can’t wait to see who wins!  If anyone has suggestions for a future month’s block lotto, please let us know.  We are looking for ideas. If you’d like to participate in next’s month’s lotto, it only costs a $1 / block (we provide some material).

Quilts for Pulse

Above tops and blocks were done using Cluck Cluck Sew’s 10″ Heart Block 

Please keep those blocks and quilts coming for Blocks for Orlando project.  See our blog article for more information on the project and blocks.   Karen A will be collecting blocks at the next sew (7/10) and the July 28th meeting.  If you have a completed top, please bring to Karen Miller as she has offered to quilt any completed quilt for free. Additionally, if you have batting, backing or binding to donate, they are accepting that as well.  Thank you for your time and energy – Love is Love is Love! 

QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge

“Listen” Block by Bunnie

Thanks Susan for the update on the 2017 Quilt Con Charity Quilt!  Thank you Bunnie for sharing your work “Listen,” which looks amazing. Reminder: Words are due to Susan at this month’s sew or the July meeting.  If you can’t make either, please be sure get them to Susan some other way.  Additionally, if you have any leftover fabric, please bring it to the July meeting.  Be sure to join us at the August sew to help design and put together the quilt!  For more information, please see our blog post QuiltCon 2017 Charity Quilt Challenge.

Show off your mad quilty SKILLZ

We are looking for individuals who would like to demo a technique at an upcoming meeting.  What can you share with the group? Tips on block construction, binding, label making, appliqué, precise cutting, improv, fun with colors, pillow making, bag making, how to find swaps on-line, etc…we’d love to see it!

🔔 Reminders:

·         The challenge is due at the July 28 meeting!

·         The Weekend Sew is scheduled for July 10, 2016 at Cosmic Quilting 12 to 4.

·         See you our next meeting, July 28th, 2016 at Cosmic Quilting

Written by Lisa, with edits/additions by Karen

April Monthly Meeting Recap

Wow! What a great meeting. Thank you, Cecil, for lending us your space for the night.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 9.23.27 AM

The meeting kicked off with Who Inspired YOU? Quilters are inspired by the things they see, hear, touch, and by the people they come into contact with. Our members are inspired by the following people….who inspires you to create quilts?

Quilt Group, Family, Mom, Grandmother, and Friends

Elizabeth HartmanCecile ChoiJacquie GeringKaffe Fassett , Gwen Marston,  Julie HermanJean Impey, Ursula KernAnna Marie HornerNancy Crow,
Allison HarrisBoo DavisCarolyn Frielander, Sherri Lynn Wood

QuiltCon Charity Quilt 2017 – Playing with Scale


The Challenge rules are out and posted. This year’s challenge is playing with scale – making blocks really BIG or very tiny or combining different sizes of the same blocks to create an overall theme and pattern. At least three colors need to be used from the color palette below. Full details will be on a future post. We are looking for someone to coordinate – Please email ocmodernquiltguild@gmail.com if you’re interested!

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 8.58.29 AM

Block Lotto – First Round!

Janet has pulled together our first round of block lotto! The block on the left is our first block and fabric was distributed at our April Meeting. If you would like to participate in the next round, the block on the right is May’s block. It costs $1/block to participate – money will be used to purchase fabrics for the next round. Details can be found on our Block Lotto page.

May Monthly Sew – May 15th – ROAD TRIP!

We’ll be doing a road trip to Sew Modern in LA on May 15th. Watch your email for more details!



May 15: QuiltCon 2017 Super Volunteer Applications Open

May 19: MQG Webinar – English Paper Piecing

June 4 & 5: Fantasea of Quilts at Soka University. Tickets are $10

June 15: Deadline for Entries to Modern Quilts – Redesigning Traditions

July 31: Deadline for Entries to LA Quilt Show